Romania 2011


Romania – surrounded by myths and legends, is one of the youngest members of European Union. It was accepted to EU in 2007 and you can really tell. People say that when you enter Romania you will feel like in a XIII or XIV century – it’s not true. There is a strong presence of civilization and you have to look carefully to find a wild and raw nature. Yet, it is possible – you just have to be brave about trading a newly asphalted road for a gravel one that’s not even marked on a map.

And when you do, there is beauty all around: mountains as high as 2.5km, streams roaring at the feet of them, the people – not angry or unfriendly as some people say, but instead very kind and warm welcoming and to say that there are a lot of beautiful castles would be an understatement.

Travellers: Algirdas, Justinas, Karolis, Nijolė.
Duration: 22 days.
Cycled: ~950 km.