Iceland 2010

Iceland – probably the most forgotten country of the Europe. Cartographers sometimes even forget to draw Iceland on a map. However, Iceland is one of the most amazing places you can find in Europe – sometimes poetically called a place of ice and fire.

You can find everything here – volcanoes, deserts, glaciers, mountains, lowlands… the only thing that an eye of a Lithuanian instantly misses – forests. You will also find here the things you didn’t think you had in you. After cycling in Iceland, Lithuanian storms will seem like a gentle evening breeze and after crossing Iceland’s deserts – Lithuanian gravel roads will seem like an asphalt highways.

This is a land of extremes.

Travellers: Algirdas, Giedrė, Justinas, Nijolė, Vytautas.
Length: 29 days
Cycled: ~1300 km